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Solve all your legal matters in El Salvador from the United States.

We offer our legal services to Salvadorans who reside in the different STATES OF THE AMERICAN UNION, as well as those who live in the cities of; LOS ANGELES, SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, SAN GABRIEL VALLEY, RIVERSIDE, SAN BERNARDINO, ORANGE COUNTY AND THROUGHOUT CALIFORNIA.

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Salvadoran Lawyers and Notaries

We have a team of lawyers and notaries from El Salvador throughout the United States to provide legal assistance in their proceedings in El Salvador.

We have Salvadoran Lawyers and Notaries specialized in various branches of Salvadoran law with experience and above all updated with the new laws of El Salvador and its events.

In our office all our professionals are authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador. So they have the power to practice from anywhere in the United States.


WhatWe Do

Our work is to attend the legal needs exclusively of Salvadorans who reside in the different states of the United States.

We drafted and authorized it correctly and with all the requirements of the laws of El Salvador so that your procedures have legal validity in El Salvador.


Notary Law

Notarial procedures are exclusively for Salvadorans, since their legal effectiveness will be applied in El Salvador.

Family Law

Legal Representation for Salvadorans in Family Court divorces Recognition of Children Marginalization of Items.

Criminal Law

Legal representation for Salvadorans in Criminal Trials Criminal Defense Complaints or Accusations.

Civil Law

Representation in the Civil Court in El Salvador Civil Lawsuits Inheritance Acceptances Civil Lawsuits, Executives.

Mercantil Law

We provide legal and technical advice on all types of companies or companies that are to be established in El Salvador.

Registration Law

Representation before state government institutions, in order to provide legal protection on the purchase and sale of real estate in El Salvador.

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Lawyers and Notaries of El Salvador

If you have pending legal proceedings in El Salvador that you have not been able to resolve for reasons of time or you cannot travel. You can solve everything from the United States.



Do you have questions for one of our Salvadoran lawyers and notaries?

According to the Law of Notaries in Article 1, it states that the notary performs a public function, that is to say that the notary is considered a delegate of the State (El Salvador), who attests to legal acts, such as declarations and contracts that before their trades are granted and other actions that personally intervene in accordance with the law.

It also adds that a Notary can be anywhere in the world and has the legal power to make any legal document that will only take effect in El Salvador.

The Diplomats have their offices in the different accredited Consulates in the countries, or cities of the same, and the person interested in wanting to make a power of attorney so that it becomes effective in El Salvador, or SEEKS A NOTARY OR A CONSULATE, so that they can write, sign and extend.

Every official who gives you a power of attorney, will be done on PUBLIC DEED paper (PROTOCOL) so that it has greater validity, and when you need a power of attorney, you must explain why, why, who will represent you in that power; and whoever does it will tell you what type of power of attorney you need, with the exception of the different public or private institutions that demand power of attorney, they ask for one as they need it.

For this type of divorce, the essential requirement is the agreement of both spouses to dissolve the marriage bond that unites them, for which they will have to agree on the personal care of the children, alimony and visitation regime for the children. if it exists in the particular case. In this type of divorce, the agreement is materialized by means of a Divorce Agreement which can be recorded in a Public Deed or in a Notarial Act through which they materialize the consent to dissolve the marriage bond that unites them and the necessary agreements are agreed for the divorce. divorce, this agreement is submitted to the competent Family Judge for approval and therefore legal effects through a divorce decree.

The following documents are needed for divorce:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth Certificate of both spouses
  • Birth Certificate of children (if any)
  • Photocopy of Identification Document and NIT of the contracting parties
  • General Judicial Power with Special Clause in favor of authorized lawyer in El Salvador
  • Divorce Agreemen
  • Divorce by mutual consent can be filed in any family court in El Salvador, it can last an average of two to three months.

If you want to grant a power of attorney so that they can represent you in El Salvador in any procedure or procedure, we will help you, we only need the identification document of the interested party and of the person to whom the power of attorney will be granted, in the same way it is required to part of the applicant information for what the power of attorney is required for, in this way we can identify if you need a General Administrative Power of Attorney, a Special Power of Attorney or a General Judicial Power of Attorney with a Special Clause.

Our office has services to carry out General Judicial Powers, Special Powers or known as Powers of Attorney to have Legal effectiveness in El Salvador.

A General Judicial power, serves for any type of:

  • Criminal representations
  • Divorces
  • Civil Law
  • Family Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Labor Law
  • Transit
  • Administrative Litigation
  • Cassation
  • Amparos
  • And More..

Our Salvadoran lawyers and notaries are authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador